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Cave of Alistrati

Cave of Alistrati

The Cave of Alistrati is located 68 kilometres northeast of Serres, 68 kilometres from Asprovalta.

The cave temperature is relatively high (15° -17° C) due to the thinness of the underlying strata (10-30m), and the temperature is maintained in winter due to limited airflow.

The antechamber is a stunning 8-meter-high hall located within the cave. The antechamber leads to a series of arcades, each with a significant height and a stunning stalactite and stalagmite décor.

The cave’s primary sectors are created to the left and right of the entrance, with the first being a vast area measuring 60 metres wide, 100 metres long, and 20 to 30 metres high.

As the visitor enters, the decorations get more intricate, with white stalactites that resemble hanging curtains. Following it are more chambers (rooms) with a height of 8 or 10 metres.

The cave is open on the following times daily:

During the summer season
Daily: 9:00 to 19:00

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